Beautiful design that let’s your beauty brand shine through.

Your job is to make your clients look and feel wonderful. Our job is to showcase your brand beautifully!

We love working with beauty brands. Why? Because we know how critical it is to have a strong, visual identity to cut through a crowded marketplace.


Our sector clients include:

Your logo, typography, colour palette, and imagery – all serve to create and sell your unique brand offering. It’s got to be packaged in an aesthetically pleasing way, to attract clients to your business.

If you happen to visit Epernay beauty spa in Derbyshire, you’ll see how we brought their elegant beauty brand to life through all their marketing materials. Like many beauty companies, Epernay is continuously launching new offers and treatments, that we help to promote though eye-catching promotions.

Rose & Pearl beauty in Northamptonshire boasts a simple and feminine logo that we also designed. It’s simply lovely to see it in all its glory at their salon.

Epernay beauty spa
Brand consultancy | Brand guidelines | Logo design | Signage | Price lists | Photography | Website | Social media assets | Social media management | Promotional materials

Rose & Pearl beauty
Brand consultancy | logo design | Social media assets | Signage

Hair by Jacq Alexander
Brand consultancy | Brand design