Your organisation will get noticed with Dove Creative in the driving seat.
From creative design, right through to brand execution and delivery – we steer the entire process from start to finish.

Our clients in the automotive industry often have established brands. Our job is to create fresh, new ways to bring their brand identities to life – making sure their brand is delivering a return on marketing investment for them.


Our sector clients include:

We don’t let corporate brand guidelines put the brakes on creativity. On the contrary, we make exciting designs happen within your brand framework.

Global car company, Renault is a perfect example of this. Like many organisations, they use newsletters to communicate to their stakeholders. With so much interesting content to share, our challenge is to organise and present it beautifully, so it really grabs the reader.

Smaller brands choose Dove Creative too. Leicestershire garage, A to Z Automotive, are the proud owners of a simple, but effective logo to reflect their swift and efficient service. South Yorkshire car parts company, Prasco UK, invited us to design and deliver promotional materials for a conference at St George’s Park.

Working within your timeframe and budget, let Dove Creative be part of your brand journey.

A to Z Automotive
Logo design | Business card design and delivery

Branded event collateral | Branded website assets | Design consultancy

Prasco UK
Event collateral design and delivery | Loyalty card design and delivery

Branded newsletter design | Design consultancy

Sinclair Volkswagen
Promotional online collateral | Branded print materials