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Why Do Designers Prefer White Space and Why is it Important

In modern advertisement and professional designing, the importance of content has left everything else in its wake. Content is the most important aspect of marketing and communicating with your customers and potential customers. The content you display for your customers to consume has to look good in order for it to have the best possible effect on them. A fantastic way of making content attractive, according to us at Dove Creative, is employing the use of white space.

What is White Space

White space is not literally spaces filled with white here and there on a display. Often called negative space as well, white space is unmarked or empty space in-between an existing design. The unmarked spaces can be between lines, paragraphs, layouts, images, UI units, and anything else that’s visible on the design. White space ends up being the key to your entire design. It gives your content structure, makes it look more presentable, and allows you to make a design that is thoroughly accessible. Moreover, white space does not have to be white. It can be transparent, a background colour, or even a background image. You can make a white space out of anything you please.

The Importance of White Space

White space is a very important technique that designers can apply to make their websites and creations well-constructed, well organized, and more presentable. The designers at Dove Creative prefer white space because of the following reasons:

  • Greater Comprehension

Imagine a piece of text cluttered close and compare it with a piece that has spaces between the lines. The latter is easier to read, easier to follow, and generally more easy on the eyes as compared to the former. By adding white spaces, you can make your content more comprehensible for your readers.

  • Control the Viewer’s Focus

By using white space appropriately and using it to contrast with the main object or layout of your design, you draw greater focus and attention towards the main aspect of your page. White spaces are a fantastic method of making sure that your customers notice and focus on the content that you want them to see.

  • Drive Home the Message

Studies conclude that the average time an internet user spends on a webpage is exactly 6 seconds. That is a very small attention span and it is essential for a designer to craft a design that is able to convey the message required in those 6 seconds. With the increased focus and attractiveness that white spaces provide, driving home your message becomes easier.

  • Better Designs

Negative space means customizing the webpage and/or content in many different ways. You can change the design at will whenever you want. It’s a great asset for improved designs.

  • Make Viewers Feel More Easy

Using white spaces, you allow a customer the freedom to interact with your website as they please. With the extra space, viewers will find interacting with your website less taxing and be more comfortable with it.

We at Dove Creative are big fans of utilizing white space in designs and advocate their use for all designers working with content.

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