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How to Write a Creative Brief and Its Importance

It’s a common practice in the business world to coax a customer for a huge amount of time before they finally give in and accept to look at what your company offers. However, having their word and simply letting them know what you offer isn’t enough. First, you need to know exactly what the customer you took so long to agree, wants. After all, whether the customer ends up using your services at all depends on what they want and what they require. Hence, having the knowledge of what you customer needs is essential. For that, you need to have a creative brief.

What is a Creative Brief

A creative brief is essentially a draft or a small document that acts as a guide for a company. On the document is information about the client’s needs and wants that have been gathered via all the prior discussions and discourses with the client. The creative brief thus proves to be a guide for the company on how to shape their marketing or sales pitch towards any particular client. It provides the framework for the entire pitch, making it a highly important step in the process towards getting the client to use your company’s services.

How to Write a Creative Brief

The main aspect of writing a creative brief is understanding your client. We at Dove Creative believe that the best way to do so is getting in the client’s head and finding out as much as you can about them. You need to ask probing questions that elicit responses related to what you want from the client. You need to learn just what they require, and by putting yourself in their place, realize just how they can get them. This will help you find out what services you need to pitch to them in order to have them agree.

Some questions you should ask need to be related to how your services are related to the customer’s or designer’s business or work. By doing so you can see some of the problems they see clearly, and what they happen to be lacking. It is also good to get to know the customer on a personal level in order to know just what they appreciate and what they don’t. With your questions, you need to know both the customer and their business.

The Importance of a Creative Brief

The importance of a creative brief is that it helps you specifically pitch ideas that are relevant to the customer and their needs. It helps you save cost that you would spend on a normal pitch by allowing you to focus on what’s needed. Beyond that, it also allows you to be on the same wavelength as the customer or designer since you know what they need and the things they appreciate. It is a direct, focused, and personal approach to a sales pitch that helps you let the customer know just what they need and how you can provide it.

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