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How colours develop a brand

When it comes to branding, most people suggest you to hire a professional designer. The reason being their level of knowledge of little things that play an important role. One of these minor factors is colour. To an ordinary person, colours won’t be very meaningful. Using colours isn’t just an attractive feature, it has benefits beyond that too.

Using the right colours in the right way can actually boost your brand. A designer is well aware of how the science of colours works. They know the colour wheel and its implementation. Firstly, a designer uses the combination of colours that will be appealing to the eyes. They put together harmonious colours that look good together. Other than that, different categories of brands have different branding needs. A designer uses all this information to create what’s best and most attractive to the target consumer.

Colour psychology

People have different colour favorites depending on their personality. Colours are more than just pixels. They have the ability to ignite certain feelings. There is a reason why everything connected to love is coloured red or pink. Everything healthy is showcased through the colour green. However, colour psychology is not uniform. It varies from culture to culture. Colour symbolism us a famous concept used by designers. This is why you cannot try to create a successful branding on your own. The little knowledge you have about colours is only a small part. There is a lot more that goes into deciding the right brand colours. For example, red is seen as a sign of good luck in China but it won’t have the same meaning in India. Vegan brands usually opt for green in their branding but for Muslim countries, green depicts the religion of Islam.

Believe it or not, if your branding has the right colours, the packaging of your product alone will be enough to promote sales. Depending on the category of your product, certain colours will help release positive chemicals inside the consumers’ minds. This will naturally develop a liking for your product in your audience’s mind.

Your role

One major mistake business owners make when hiring a designer is being over controlling. Yes, as the brand owner you are the only one who has a clear vision of your idea. Convey this vision and let the designer do rest of the work. If you start ordering which colours and fonts you want and which ones you don’t, you won’t be able to get a positive outcome. As long as your designer knows the company’s aim, you can trust him/her. Another piece of information you should convey is the list of your competitors. You can ask your designer to keep your branding different than your competitor to ensure a unique look. However, if you don’t mind having similarities, you can also ask for a similar branding design.

Let designers play around with colours and their knowledge to come up with a branding design that will convey the right message to the right people.

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