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Communication and its importance for Graphic Design

Pretty much every brand, new or old, knows enough to spend time and money on getting a brand design. Graphic designers are hired to create logos, themes, layouts, and what not. This is all because deep down, everyone knows that it plays a major role. However, most people don’t know the real reasons or concepts. This is why graphic designing sometimes takes the brand off track instead of promoting the company message.

The purpose of graphic design

The reason why every product needs to have a well-designed logo, specific color theme, and an attractive layout is not just to make it pleasing to the customer’s eyes. Graphic designing is a way of communicating the company and brand messages without having to use words. Customers aren’t keen on having to listen to a long speech explaining why your brand is better than the rest of the competitors in the market. This is why graphics are used. They are the perfect marketing tool that helps the customer identify the brand unconsciously. Let’s take any famous company for example. No matter where you see a Coca-Cola related thing, whether a product or a billboard, you will most likely identify it instantly based on the color combinations, fonts, and logo. If you were handed two identical bottles with a black soda inside, you won’t be able to identify which one is Coca-Cola and which one is Pepsi unless you get to see the branding. This is the sort of unconscious recognition that graphic designs help build.

Where it goes wrong

The problem arises when brand owners don’t realize the true concept of the need of designing. It is ultimately communication. Hence, you cannot pick and choose a color palette and force it to convey a message of your liking. For example, if you’re marketing a vegan and healthy snack, you’re most likely going to have to use colors like greens and browns. You cannot tell a graphic designer to make a certain type of logo with specific colors. To make sure your product designs truly convey the right message, tell your designer what your aim is. Explain your goals and let the designer come up with something. If you focus too much on how your product or design looks, you might end up losing the representation of your true aim.

Similarly, the concept of graphic designing keeps progressing. This means, with passing time, the same message finds new ways to be portrayed. This is why even big names like Google keep modifying their logos. The identity of the brand remains the same with the same color palette and layout. However, slight changes in the fonts, designs, and other minor features are toggled to make sure that the message communication remains successful in the current era.

The art of designing is that it triggers the viewers’ minds without any effort from their side. This is the beauty of graphic design. The ultimate goal is communication and so, without it, graphic designing is of no use.

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