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Christmas Advertising

Christmas Advertisement

Brands and companies all around the world have always competed when it comes to Christmas adverts. Huge brands such as Marks and Spencer and Zara have been in this run for a long time as well. There is always an air of excitement exhibited by the public about what the companies will have planned regarding such an important event of the year.

The importance of Christmas Advertising:

The trend towards making new adverts for Christmas was kicked off by Coca Cola in 1993. Other major brands soon followed after and in today’s day and age the business of these adverts has taken a strong grip on social media as well as television. The way that these adverts are presented to us is crucial in making the consumer buy a certain product. Over the years this business has gotten tougher, thus increasing the competition between companies greatly.

Does Christmas advertising work?

Christmas is the time of the year when people from all ethnicities and places buy gifts for their loved ones. This time of the year amounts to over 50% of the overall sales of a retailer. It has been found that UK brands have spent £5.6 million on promoting their products through advertisements, only on Christmas. Companies all over the world claim that their sales increase according to how catchy their adverts are. Over the years, as Christmas adverts have increased in number, the companies claim that their profits are tenfold to what they used to be.

Christmas advertising and Social Media

Social Media has increasingly become a crutch for the advertisement of all kind of products. Trailers of what would eventually be aired on television or be put up on billboards are seen on websites such as Facebook and twitter. These teasers before the actual thing create an excitement and momentum amongst the common people as they anticipate the product when it finally hits the market.

Most of the known brands today have their own Facebook and twitter accounts where they campaign for their products. One such brand even used their twitter page to send gifts to their followers and increase the popularity of their advert. Hashtags are used to make sure that the advertisement reaches the maximum amount of people. These hashtags can push a product into trending on certain social media platforms which tells the users of that particular genre about the product being promoted.

The idea of using social media as an advertising platform is great one. There are rarely any people in today’s world of globalization who are unaware of social media sites. Long adverts may be deemed annoying for some but it is true that it’s an amazing phenomenon.

Have a great Christmas.

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