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3rd July 2018  By Claire Fildes  Uncategorised

Pretty much every brand, new or old, knows enough to spend time and money on getting a brand design. Graphic designers are hired to create logos, themes, layouts, and what not. This is all because deep down, everyone knows that it plays a major role. However, most people don’t know the real reasons or concepts. […]

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29th June 2018  By Claire Fildes  Uncategorised

Music is a magical thing. It can encourage different kinds of emotions, fill out the emptiness, help people relax, and what not. Most people like to turn on music in the background while performing simple chores. Some people also prefer to study with a melody going on. The simple truth behind all of these facts […]

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11th June 2018  By Claire Fildes  Uncategorised

In modern advertisement and professional designing, the importance of content has left everything else in its wake. Content is the most important aspect of marketing and communicating with your customers and potential customers. The content you display for your customers to consume has to look good in order for it to have the best possible […]

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8th June 2018  By Claire Fildes  Uncategorised

Whenever people go out to buy any product or purchase a service, the first thing they look at are brands. For clothes it might be some brands such as Next, Dolce & Gabbana, or many others. When buying a car, the ones people will normally look at the very start are models by Mercedes-Benz or […]

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30th May 2018  By Claire Fildes  Uncategorised

The dove is a beautiful bird. It is renowned for its beauty and is recognized for it all over the world. Beyond just its beauty, a dove is a serene bird that happens to be a worldwide symbol for peace. You must have seen people releasing doves into the air at memorials and other events […]

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26th May 2018  By Claire Fildes  Uncategorised

A graphic designer is a very important person for your company. It’s a post that cannot be assigned to any random individual. The work a graphic designer does for you represents your business on many different platforms and in front of many people. Their work could make or break your company, especially if you just […]

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14th May 2018  By Claire Fildes  Uncategorised

It’s a common practice in the business world to coax a customer for a huge amount of time before they finally give in and accept to look at what your company offers. However, having their word and simply letting them know what you offer isn’t enough. First, you need to know exactly what the customer […]

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22nd December 2015  By doveadmin  Uncategorised

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Dove Creative

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11th November 2015  By doveadmin  Uncategorised

Great day at the Manchester Central Convention Complex, nice to visit one of our stands we designed. Amazing news for brabourne they won an award!!

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