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Are LinkedIn and Instagram the best social media platforms?

Are Linkedin and Instagram the best social media platforms?

With the availability of numerous social media networks, it is sometimes hard to choose one. Be it for the introduction of your new business set up or selling your graphic designing skills. Everyone wants the best amongst the lot. Hope this one will make your choice easier.

What LinkedIn has to offer?

There is no doubt about the fact that Linkedin is different from all other social media networks. The reason behind this is that Linkedin has been designed only to cater to the needs of business professionals and startups. People use this platform for the purpose of showcasing their professionals’ abilities and experiences. The success rate of Linkedin has led to its recognition amongst the most important networks for those in b2b.

There are various features of Linkedin which have made this platform an extremely valuable source for not just establishing leadership qualities but, attracting and recruiting as well.  The most famous features of Linkedin include, company pages, Linkedin pulse, inmail, get introduced, groups and being able to know who has visited your profile.

There is no major conversation that takes place on this platform, as compared to all other platforms for marketing. But you can even overcome this problem by joining one of their groups, where you will be able to converse with the respective people.

In these groups, you will be asked about your status as a professional, the talents you want to showcase and other related information. This is a great way to get in the professional community.

What Instagram has to offer?

Instagram being one of the most used social media platforms is ideal for boosting your business, or introducing yourself as a professional in a particular field. The success of Instagram can be calculated from the fact that, it has almost 800 million users monthly. While 500 million active users on a daily level.

Instagram is said to have a huge global approach since 80% of the above-stated users are outside the U.S. The above-mentioned number of users has helped various businesses to boost their chances of visibility. The number of advertisers on Instagram is above 1 million.

The thing which makes Instagram this famous is that its users are extremely engaging as compared to other networks. The number of videos and photos which are shared on Instagram on a daily basis is close to 95 million. Gaining likes for these people of more than 4.2 billion in one day.

There was a research carried out by Locowise on Instagram in the year 2016, the month of March. This report stated that as of February the rate of engagement on Instagram is around 0.84%. Although as compared to the month of January there was a decline of almost 11.58%. Still, Instagram managed to get the highest number of the engaging audience when compared with other platforms.

Not just this but, Instagram has the highest number of brand’s interaction with people and each other. This proves that Instagram is ideal for carrying out professional and business activities.


Now that you are aware of the importance of social media marketing and the most valued platforms for doing so. All there is left to do is, for you to make a decision on your part. Put all the information you have gathered to use.


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