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creative □ adj. relating to or involving the use of imagination or original ideas in order to create something.

Dove Creative was started in 2012. Since then we’ve been working with a number of international brands, as well as local businesses to establish brands, create amazing creative content and drive better user experiences.


We are

  • Easy to deal with
  • Always thinking inside the brief but outside the box
  • Open and honest
  • Creative with ideas yet practical in application




Why Choose Dove Creative

The reason we chose the dove as the animal we wish to follow is because of its singularity. It stands out amongst other birds and has its own special and unique identity. Dove Creative also wants to stand out amongst other companies. We want to be recognized immediately for our services, and the methods and techniques we apply for our clients. Being the premier creative company in the market is our goal, and to do that we need to offer services that are unique and progressive.

Our methods are unique, our staff imaginative, and our goals massive. From our mindset to our methods to their implementation, we strive to be original and unique at every single turn. To craft such an identity for ourselves and become the single creative service you need we happen to offer the following traits and methods:


Hitting the Right Note and Addresses

Communication is key for any brand, and to ensure a brand’s integrity, smooth communication without interruption or any errors is necessary. For your brand’s operation’s to be smooth, we make sure all communication takes place as it is supposed to.


Valued Service

Our services are optimised for the needs our clients have. With such a strong focus on their needs, the customer satisfaction is near perfect and our valued service is opted for again and again by our prized customers. It is a valued service for them since it’s a service that values them.


Excellent Navigation of Your Brand

Dove Creative is formed by professionals with years of training and experience. We are a team of highly trained and educated individuals who know everything about managing a brand’s creative ventures. We are excellent navigators and will ensure that your brand soars wherever it goes.


We are the Messengers

You no longer need to scratch your head over delivering messages and getting them back. We are the messengers that will take your messages and bring them back as quick as possible.


We Love What We Do

We at Dove Creative love to provide our clients with creative solutions. Every person in our company is here because they love doing what they do. And loving our job means we leave no stone unturned to make sure that we do it the best we can. Our efforts mean that your brand gets to reap some fantastic rewards.

“fun and friendly and they loved the creativity”

Claire has worked with Interact Arts C.I.C previously on the design and branding of our website as well as supporting one of our community groups to devise their own logo . The group found Claire to be fun and friendly and they loved the creativity they were encouraged to use and seeing their ideas brought to life.

Frank Conlan

“excellent service and creative ability”

We have used Dove Creative for a number of years after a selection process that involved a number of other agencies. Dove Creative have been responsive and flexible in their approach and we have benefited from the knowledge that Claire understands our business well. I am happy to recommend Dove Creative for their excellent service and creative ability.

Simon Hugessen

“We are very happy with the results and service!”

We worked with Claire to rebrand our school. She was able to work with staff, governors and children to create a new logo, letterhead and brochure. She took the time to listen to our ideas to reflect our new school’s journey. Claire is professional and a pleasure to work with. We are very happy with the results and service!

Paula Whysall

“A true gem of a find”

Having known Claire since 2002, we have worked closely together on numerous projects over the years and, as ever, she continues to excel at whatever I’ve thrown her way!

More recently, while establishing my own small PR consultancy, I have turned to Claire for expertise, experience and professionalism for several clients and I have done so with complete confidence knowing that she will always deliver. And she has. As you can imagine, as I strive to create a name for my own business I wouldn’t introduce just anyone to a new client but she is my first port of call whenever an opportunity arises which warrants her sublime skill set. Claire’s bubbly and cheery character is, and had always been, infectious and this is reflected in her passion for her work and drive to meet deadlines and, ultimately, to serve a client. A true gem of a find.

Mark Richards



Our designs and solutions are bespoke to you and your brand.


Whether it's Marketing, Branding, Graphic Design, App Design, POS or Exhibitions you're looking for, we work with you to create beautiful experiences.


Let Dove Creative define your business – take a look at our portfolio or contact us for more information.


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