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30th May 2018  By Claire Fildes  Uncategorised

The dove is a beautiful bird. It is renowned for its beauty and is recognized for it all over the world. Beyond just its beauty, a dove is a serene bird that happens to be a worldwide symbol for peace. You must have seen people releasing doves into the air at memorials and other events […]

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26th May 2018  By Claire Fildes  Uncategorised

A graphic designer is a very important person for your company. It’s a post that cannot be assigned to any random individual. The work a graphic designer does for you represents your business on many different platforms and in front of many people. Their work could make or break your company, especially if you just […]

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14th May 2018  By Claire Fildes  Uncategorised

It’s a common practice in the business world to coax a customer for a huge amount of time before they finally give in and accept to look at what your company offers. However, having their word and simply letting them know what you offer isn’t enough. First, you need to know exactly what the customer […]

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